Sealed or RESEALED video game tips, what to look for

I found this neat little article in the ebay guides. Not exclusively related to sealed PS2 collecting but it is good, sound advice about collecting and ebaying any type of sealed video game. 

Some video games (especially the older 'retro' ones) can certainly go for quite cheap, even if they are in mint condition complete with box and manual.  However, the value of a game can increase 1000% if the game is 'factory sealed' - these can be worth their weight in gold to collectors.  But just think - if people can buy a complete Legend of Zelda for 20 bucks, reseal it and sell it for $500, well, thats too much of a temptation for some.  How can you tell if someone is selling you a resealed game? 
In this case, Nintendo has the infamous 'horizontal sealing line' across the back, but this is certainly not impossible to reproduce with a little practice.  So, what else can you look for?
Common sense ought to be your guide here, so look at the overall picture:
  What does the shrinkwarp look like?  Is it neat, professional? Or are there sloppy, loose corners? Lots of wrinkles?
Is there a price tag?  Do you recognize the tag (Toys R Us, Babbages, KayBee...)?  What shape is the tag in?  Are there signs of wear or fading, or does it look like it was printed yesterday?  Does the pricing on the tag make any sense? For example, a game might go for $51.00, or $51.99, but who has ever seen a game go for $51.82?  Are all of the seller's games showing the same price tag?  While its possible that the seller did get all of their games from the same source, taken in to account with other factors it can be a little suspicious.
Is there a hang tab?  What shape is it in?  Are there signs that it was ever used to hang the game?  Does it look its age, or does it look brand new?
Try to get a good look at the edges and corners of the box beneath the shrinkwrap.  Are there any signs of wear or rubbing that would indicate that that box has had some use prior to being wrapped?  The 'hinge' on the lids of boxes is an excellent place to check, and the corners along the bottom also.
These are just some things to think about.  While it is entirely possible that someone 25 years ago had the foresight to seal NES games in a vacuum bag or similar to protect the price tag/hang tag, or that some local store accidentally marked games at $42.85, or that Nintendo turned out a few sloppy sealing jobs - the odds are not high.  So, also consider your seller:
What is the sellers feedback?  If there are any negatives/neutrals - does it concern fraud?  Keep in mind that if the seller is limiting his cheating only to sealed games he may never be found out.  Most people will not spend $200 on a sealed game and then open it just to see if it looks tampered with, or kick off a foreniscs investigation to see if the box has ever been opened..
Check the sellers buy/sell history.  If they have bought a shrinkwrap machine or a price tag maker, you might want to be a little more careful when dealing with this seller.  If they have just bought the same games (unsealed) as you are now seeing for sale have been warned.
Good Luck!

Special edition dot.hack//GU vol.1 rebirth (with figure)


 Here`s a cool ps2 special edition that is not seen often on ebay. I don`t have it, and there was one on ebay the other day - it ended up selling for about 200$ at auction. This is probably rarer than a sealed Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, yet, less popular. The other dot.hack//GU games do not seem to have special editions as far as I know.

Upgrading my collection

Trigger Man  reprint and original release
     When I realized that a few of the games in my collection were reprints, I set out to buy the original releases on ebay (and, lucky me, reprints and original releases tend to sell at the same price nowdays). Today I received the original release of Trigger Man . While the two games (the reprint and the original) were one my table, I weighted them, proving my earlier assumption that original copies are heavier than reprints of the same exact game. This can be explained by the type of case that was used at the time (the original sony cases with a memory card slot) versus the lighter, more eco-friendly cases used at the end of the playstation 2`s lifetime.  The original release weighted 131 grams and the reprint 96.

Playstation 4 Press Release (February 20th)

     Sony has announced several weeks ago that there will be a press release February 20th about the upcoming Playstation 4. You can actually sign up to be "the first to know" on their website.

     Now, I can`t wait to hear about what they`re up to. To be honest, I am expecting bad news from both Microsoft and Sony, let me explain ; one rumour that has been circulating is that the games will come with a code (like PC games) meaning that the game you buy will become worthless once the code has been used. What?? They expect us to buy a game at full price and they will will not be able to resell it??. What about those, like me, who collect sealed games? Will the code still work 20 years from now?.

    This is completely ridiculous and please tell me it won`t be this way. If it is, then goodbuy Microsoft and Sony, I`m turning to Nintendo (I already own the Wii U and the gamepad is kinda cool, if you don`t believe me try Arkham City Armored Edition...). Its just a rumour for now, but should I be surprised? They are already selling downloadable games thru their own marketplace, games that become virtually worthless once you`ve paid for them, as you can`t resell them or give them away after you`ve played them. And people seem to buy that kind of crap, without realizing that they`re really flushing their money down the toilet! I tried convincing one of my friends to stop wating his money on the Xbox marketplace on downloadable games that he won`t be able to resell, and he doesn`t understand me.

     For them (Sony and Microsoft), its pretty convenient ; they will eliminate the middle man (Think about EB games/Gamestop for example) and will probably sell more new products by eliminating the used games market. But I think they are making a huge mistake because by doing the exact same thing as PC games makers what now will differentiate their consoles from PC`s ? After all, pretty much every household in North America has a PC now, why would consumers buy a 600$ piece of hardware if its going to do the same as their computer?

     I really hope this is just a rumour, and I look forward to that press release, although I believe that they will avoid the subject until the last minute (maybe they`ll wait until they`ve actually sold a few million consoles to bring us the bad news). If their games aren`t fully functionnal (and resellable), then they`re going to loose me for good. No way I`ll ever pay for a downloadable game or a anything that is restricted by a stupid code!

Here`s another reprint I found in my collection

Mojo! (2003) reprint. 
     I have found another reprint in my collection. The game is Mojo! This title was released in 2003, and the original version had the white strip/sony hologram. Luckily, there seems to be plenty of them (the original) on ebay and they are selling at about the same price as the reprint.

Unique Football PS2 collectible on ebay

Arena Football Combo Pack (front)
     I was looking thru ebay auctions for sealed ps2 games yesterday , when I came across this cool collectible. I have never seen that before, and there doesn`t seem to be any reference to it anywhere on the internet. Its not available on Amazon either.

Arena Football Combo Pack (back)
     From what it says on the box, this was a JC Penney exclusive ; the bundle includes one copy of Arena Football : Road to Glory and a hooded sweatshirt. I have no idea if this is rare or not, but there doesn`t seem to be anyone selling this bundle anywhere on the internet, so I presume that this was a very limited item.

Crash Twinsanity (2004). Does anyone have the original release?

Crash Twinsanity (reprint)
     This is another game that is in my collection, and when I took the photo yesterday I noticed it was the "not for resale" reprint and not the real deal. This game is listed as being released in 2004, so the original release should have the white strip/sony hologram. I looked all over the internet and could not find one picture of the actual thing. On ebay, every copy is the reprint version, and there is no original release for sale or in the completed listings.

Came across a reprint in my collection...

My copy : Its a reprint!

     Just as I was taking photos of a few of my games, here a game I never really cared about Pinball Hall of Fame : The Gottlieb Collection . I noticed from the back of the back that this was released in 2004. I looked around on the internet and sure enough, this is a 2004 release so my copy is not an original, its a reprint (it doesn`t have the white strip/sony hologram ).

     The Amazon stock photo for Pinball Hall of Fame : The Gottlieb Collection shows the original release with white strip/sony hologram. But I doubt this is what buyers get when they buy the game from them!


     I just added a slideshow of my personal sealed PS2 collection. Its on the right in the sidebar. It will take me some time to take a photo of every game that I own but I should be able to have them all in a couple weeks. I took a picture of the front and back of every game.

The RDI Halcyon : Rarest videogame console ever made

     This baby is the holy grail of video game collecting and for good reasons ; it is owned by only a handfull of known collectors around the world.
RDI Halcyon : Suggested retail price 2500$

     The RDI Halcyon was invented by the same guy who gave us Dragon`s Lair, Rick Dyer. It was meant to play games on laserdiscs, but the discs came with a cartridge so to play a game, you needed the laserdisc and the cartridge. Only two games were released with the console, Thayer`s Quest and NFL Football. 

    It is said that less than 75 consoles were ever produced (suggested retail price was 2500$, in 1985!), as RDI 
video systems went out of business right after the release.

Look on the bright side...

     I was browsing this database of 2048 NTSC playstation 2 titles this morning and I was curious as to how many sports games there were in there. So I calculated them and came to this conservative estimate of 421 sports games, that is nearly 25% of the entire PS2 database. I think this number is an undervalue ; I left aside the titles I wasn`t 100% sure about and did not include most of the racing games. If I did, the estimate might be well over 500.

    But. just deducting 421 from 2048 gives me 1627 titles.

    Since I don`t really buy sports games, and believe they will always be cheap since nobody wants them, I will only be struggling for the 1627 titles, not for 2048.

    But there`s more, out of these 1627 there are an awfull lot of cheaps games, kids games, girls games, greatest hits versions (and a few variations of the same titles) - also the guitar hero and rock bands titles. 
Substract all of these low quality-cheap ps2 releases and you will be left with a more gentle number. 

    I haven`t really calculated that right now, but my belief if that that library of quality games on the PS2 might just be less than a thousand. Since I already own more than 300, then I am not very far from my long term objective by looking at it this way...

Extremely rare PS3 game : NBA Elite 11

NBA Elite 11 is considered the holy grail of the PS3
At least one playstation 3 game is considered extremely rare, and its a sports game, on top of that!
According to

 "For 2011 Electronic Arts tried to revamp their basketball franchise from NBA Live to NBA Elite. Elite 11 was supposed to be released in time for the 2011 season but it was officially cancelled November 2010 after numerous glitches and delays. EA had sent samples to some retailers but not every copy was returned after cancelation. So far only eight copies have surfaced, which makes it the rarest game on this list but the exact number of copies in existance isn't known."

The game currently sells for about 1000$ used, and between 2 and 3k for a sealed copy. 

Ressource for sealed-games collectors....

Sealed Game Heaven collector ressource and discussion forum.

Interview with the only known collector who has a complete PS2 sealed-games collection....

This interview was originally published on the website; unfortunatly, it seems the interview has since been removed from their website.

Most kids of the 80’s and after played video games in 

their youth and some of these kids kept the games of yesteryear for nostalgic reasons. What happens if this kid continues to buy old video games for the sake of having them, for the sake of completion? A video game collector is born!
Now, odds are that you’re a video game collector yourself since you’re reading this intro. Our kind has different types of collectors: people with certain criteria (RPG, sealed, unofficial etc) and completionists. These completionists want every game in the library of a console, which can be a fairly easy feat for some consoles and a near impossible task for others.Our community member Ahans76 is someone that went for the impossible… and pulled it off!

In this interview we talk with Ahans76, who to our knowledge, is the only collector in the world to have a full NTSC Playstation 2 library!
Read on to find out why he started collecting and how he pulled off this amazing feat.

Oh.. did I mention the entire PS2 library is sealed? Minor detail right? ^^

So Ahans76, first of all let me thank you for participating in this interview. It’s great that you’re willing to talk to us about how you started your collection and how you got to having a full Playstation 2 set.
No one is born a video game collector, everyone starts out as a gamer! What were your first steps in the gaming world?
My first experience with gaming is probably a lot of people’s. I remember playing the NES at a friend or aunt’s house when I was about 4 years old. Super Mario Bros was of course the game we played most.

What was the first console that you (or your family) owned?
The first console that my family owned was a Sega Genesis. My mom had won some money and she spent it on us kids by buying a Genesis with a couple of games. I remember playing it in Kindergarten so I must have been at least 5 years old.

What games did you originally get with that Sega Genesis and what game did you love most on it?
I know that we had Sonic when we got the Genesis. It came packaged with the system so that had to have been the first one. The game I like most on the Genesis was Shinning Force, the game was so good at what it did. I would spend hours going into a battle and then retreating just to get more exp. points. To this day I can still get lost in it.

So the Nintendo NES was the first console you played and the Sega Genesis was the first console you had at your home, but what is your favorite console after all these years?
My favorite console would have to be the reason why I’m doing this interview. I was one of the lucky few to get an early Playstation 2 and my love for collecting video games grew from then on.

So the Playstation 2 is your favorite console, but was of course the successor to the immensely popular Playstation 1. When did you first hear about Sony’s first gaming console?
When I was in 2nd grade after Christmas break, we returned to school and one of the kids had gotten a Playstation for Christmas. I had no idea what it actually was and thought that it was an arcade machine. It wasn’t until later in the year that I got to see one and I thought that it was amazing. I don’t remember what the first game was that I saw on the Playstation 1, but I do remember the first one I played which was 2xtrem. It was a game about biking, rollerblading and I think snowboarding/racing. It was fun because we didn’t know any better about games back then when you got a game you played the hell out of it good or bad. But now a days if you don’t like a game after 5 minutes of playing it we trade it in and get something different. It’s sad really so much time goes in to making a game and yes some sucked, but take a look back at some of the earliest games you played and had a blast with and look at what a gaming magazine said about it. I bet a lot of people would be surprised that some of the most loved games aren’t critically that good.

Your introduction to the Playstation 1 had you wanting for more then, when did you get your own Playstation 1?
The first Playstation that I have ever gotten was an original Playstation (the grey square model) that my brother had traded for. The games that it came with were Resident Evil 2 and a Playstation demo which had the game Sled Storm on it that I would play nonstop.

After the big success of the Playstation 1, Sony brought us the Playstation 2. How were you introduced to this model and what was your response to it?
I first saw/played the PS2 was when I got my first one on launch day; my mom ordered it out of a catalog. When it got to my house I was so surprised I had never had a console on the first day it came out; I didn’t know what to think about it. When I turned it on for the first time I was blown away. The first game I played was the one that I had gotten with it, Ridge Racer 5. I still own that copy today and it holds a special place in my heart.

Currently we’re at six Playstation models (not counting the PSP), which one is your favorite?
My favorite Playstation model would have to be the original PS2 (the non slim version).To be more specific it would have to be the limited edition red one that I have brand new.

Three Playstation home consoles have had a big impact on the video gaming world, how do feel the Playstation changed gaming?
I would say that it brought disc games to the public. Others tried but didn’t get the commercial success that Sony did with the original Playstation. For the future of Playstation, the console exclusive titles are most important to stay ahead of the competition. It would be great if they could hold onto their important and strong licenses for years to come.

It has been aprox 19 years since your first contact with video games and even though it’s torture to ask, we must know! What are your three favorite video games?
My three favorite games in no particular order are:
- Final Fantasy IX, I know a lot of people really like VII but IX in my personal opinion was an all around better game
- Dragon Quest 8, when I finally gave the game time to play it I was hooked
- Uncharted Series, I can’t pick between the two they’re both great games

Like stated in the intro, it’s not something special that a kid growing up in the eighties and nineties played video games. But collecting games from these long gone days is something special, how did you get into that?
When I was 16 while going Christmas shopping for my mom, my little brother had told me about this new game store that was in a city we lived nearby called Game Crazy. (those that live in the states may remember them)
We stopped there and I saw a game gear, which I always wanted as a kid but could never afford. That was the first old school system that I had ever bought and that is when I started considering collecting video games and systems for the first time. I still own that exact same game gear 7 1/2 years later.

So you started your collection with buying the games and consoles that you wanted as a kid, but never got. This is probably how 99% of us started our collection. After a while though you have all the stuff you wanted as a kid, what did you focus on next?
My focus for about 4 years was collecting brand new Playstation 2 games to get the complete library. After I got them all it literally stopped over night. Currently my main focus is collecting English Neo Geo AES games. People that know what the Neo Geo is and how rare it is will know the difficulty in it. I am currently only missing two games, Metal Slug and Ninja Master.

When you have a collection as vast as yours, there are probably dozens of items in your collection that would qualify high in anyone’s “favorite items” list. So now I wonder which ones you pick out of all those amazing items.
Well actually picking a top 5 is not that hard for me:
1. Uncharted Fortune Hunter Editions [Playstation 3] (of which I have two copies)
2. Elemental Gearbolt Assassin’s case [Playstation 1]
3. Last Hope [Neo Geo AES]
4. Magical Chase [Turbo Grafix]
5. Minestorm 2 Cart [Vectrex]

Even though you have so many great items, most collectors also have their “why in the world did I let that game pass” regrets. Do you have any of those?
I don’t really know, I try to not have regrets in my life. If I lost out on a game it’s just the way things go. I’m not saying that I buy every game I see but sometimes you miss out and that’s just the way the cards fall.

We already know that Neo Geo AES is the current focus of your collection, what is next on the list?
I would like to one day acquire the letter that came with my assassin’s case. I would also like to finish my PSP collection. I have about 430 titles on it but I’m not too sure about how many there are. I hope I’m at least half way there ^^

We at are nuts for Playstation games, but even in our community it’s a rarity to find someone going for a full set. Not just because it’s a time consuming and expensive feat, but also because the enormous amounts of titles that got released for the system. How come you’re the exception and did go for the full set?

I didn’t try to go for a full collection at first, I kind of fell into it. I started acquiring more Playstation 2 games, more then I could play, so I decided to just leave them sealed. At first I had about 300 or 400 sealed and then I decided to look up on the internet how many games there were. At the time a website said that there were 800. Being halfway there I decided, why not go for a full collection? Later I found out that I wasn’t even a quarter of the way there. By that time I had already acquired so many games from stores going out of business (like game crazy) that I continued collecting and went for the full set. Since there are still games being released for the Playstation 2 the set is not final yet, but to the best of my knowledge it’s about 1850+ different titles, not counting variants.

We now know that all games in your collection are sealed, were there any other special criteria for games to be in your collection?
My entire collection consists of first editions. What first edition means is when a game came with a white Sony seal on the top of it. This is the version of games that I have. Some older games got a second release and the white Sony seal is not there. I did not collect those types of games. I made sure that all the games that own have the white Sony seal. Also no greatest hits versions, unless they made a game greatest hits with “extra” content. I think there are only 3 games like that and I do have them in my library. Those games are Devil May Cry 3, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition and Namco 50th Anniversary. I also have the original version of these games in my library as well.

When you’re on such a huge mission, there is always “that last game” that you just can’t find or can’t get for a decent price. What was the last game you needed for the full set?
The first Moto GP. It was an early release title and I had never seen one sealed. I literally looked through thousands and thousands of games every day on EBay to find one. The first post I ever put up on the forum was a want post for Moto Gp. I was willing to pay 100′s of dollars for a copy of my dreams. Late one night a friend called me to tell me there was one on EBay from a seller in the UK. I won it shipped for $9.00. Isn’t that how it goes?

Moto GP was the hardest game to find sealed in your experience, what other games were tough?
Finding the original black label versions sealed of games that had a red label or greatest hits rerelease was sometimes incredibly hard. My collection consists of all black label games not the easier to find red label or greatest hits versions.

What Playstation 2 sealed game had the biggest impact on your budget?
Well that would most likely be Wizardry: Tale Of The Forsaken Land. I have had at least 4 copies of this game sealed, however they all had the barcode with a hole in it. Many games that have that use it as a security measure for games given to employees, so they can’t resell them. I found one in Germany that was $300 USD and I bought it without thinking twice about it. I bought 95% of my games at deals or the price they were when they were released. There are not many games that I had to pay more than retail for. None of the games in my library have the barcode hole in them.

How did you find out about our community at

I stumbled upon the website while looking for my last game Moto GP. It came up on Google and I joined up right away. The rest is history ;)

How do you like the community at and what do you think about the newly added database and collection tool?
I like this website a lot, it’s real nice to be on a forum that is so in love with one brand. Most of my time collecting PS stuff has been revolved around USA released stuff. It’s nice to see other stuff from around the world. I am filled with envy for some of the things that have not been released on these shores.
The main reason why people should visit the site is because it’s the ideal spot for a Playstation fan. You’ll find the people there are nice and love to help out with any question and you don’t get that from a lot of forums! Last but not least, you’ll find the most complete NTSC Playstation 2 list on the internet in the database!

I think it would be an understatement to say you’re a veteran collector, as a final question I’d like to ask if you have any tips for the collectors out there that are just starting?
My tip would be to collect what you want. Don’t be forced to collect anything that you don’t have any love for. My entire video game collection is post-NES. I wasn’t old enough for the Atari and don’t care about the Atari so I don’t collect any of them. I do have some rare older games in my collection like Minestorm 2 but that is just for the rarity.

Is there anything you would like to share with the reader as a final comment?

I would like you to add some special thanks. First and for most to my wife Ashley who has done nothing but support me with this whole thing. I can’t even begin to count how many checklists she has made for me, how many miles she rode with me going to all the stores all over the country and how many hours she spent waiting in the car because she doesn’t share the same love for buying games as I do. And I love her for that! Also, my great friend and brother from another mother Marlon, a fellow collector, he has done everything in his power to make my collection so great. If it wasn’t for him I still to this day still might not have moto GP. Thanks and to all the eBay/ sellers that unknowingly helped me complete this (in my opinion) huge task. Last but certainly not least to all of my forum people because if it wasn’t for you this story may never have gotten out and if there is no one to listen, then why talk!