(02-14-2012) This is what I received today...

 X-Files Resist or Serve (white strip) : This is an example of the titles that am I currently pursuing. This title does not automatically pop up as being a collectible, yet, its something that is unique and isn`t seen that often. These are the titles that are off the radar for pickers even though they are hard to find.

Dj Hero Turntable Bundle (unopened with tape seals on both ends) : This is not considered rare right now, and its looked upon as being crap by the gaming community. This is another example of priorites as a collector ; accessories and bundles. Bundles and accessories new and in perfect shape seem to dissapear from the market a lot faster that individual games, for obvious reasons. Even early PS3 bundles are fetching high prices on ebay right now because they`re getting impossible to find!.

 Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (white strip) : Got it in a local store, the seller told me he has had it for months and there wasn`t the slightest interest in it by anybody.

Riding Star (no white strip) : This is a cheap game, and I got it on the cheap too. Its a kid`s game, but the price was right. This is the stuff you need to have in your collection and at the same time, you try to invest as little as possible in.
Haven The Call of the Ring (white strip) : Another game that
considered cheap and not desirable. 8$ shipped was the right
price for me so I snagged it.

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