Devil Summoner 2 Collector`s Edition

Well, if there is one PS2 item that any collector needs to have is the Devil Summoner 2 Collector`s Edition (with Raidou figure). I had purchased it about a week ago on ebay and I received it this morning.
 This is an actual picture of my Collector`s Edition of Devil Summoner 2.

This is a picture of what it is supposed to look like:

Now, before you start blaming the seller please let me explain one fact ; the figure inside isn`t secured
and it moved around during shipping. This is one problem with this edition that, unfortunatly, no one will ever be able to fix (I can`t open it to place the figure back to where it`s supposed to be as the box is sealed and I collect sealed games!). So if you are lucky to find this item in a store, I suggest you buy it there instead of buying online and having it shipped. And be carefull to not turn it upside down...

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