Welcome to my blog, Playstation2Collector.com . I created this blog to talk about my passion about collecting sealed Playstation 2 games. So far I have about 200 games, and I`m looking to aquire every US-NTSC game (and accessory) ever released, in its factory sealed condition. Most of my games come from Ebay, but I did get some of them in stores before they disappeared from the shelves.

Why am I collecting Playstation 2 games? Well, for one thing, the playstation 2 has been a big part of my life starting ou when I got one after it was released, at one point I had nearly 400 (used) games and I explored many of the different gaming styles that this console has provided during its very long lifestyle.

Furthermore, I believe right now is the best time to invest in a PS2 sealed collecting. Prices are cheap, and new games are being liquidated. Games are being sold at a fraction of their original price tag, since no one wants them anymore. Buy low, Sell High... the games aren`t available in stores anymore, but if you look at the trends on ebay, you will realize that sealed games are being sold by liquidators, and that there is very little demand for them. 90% of the sealed games offered on ebay end with no bids!

There is no demand for sealed ps2 games right now but in a couple years, things will be radically different ; they will enter the collector market, and won`t be liquidated anymore. A few titles are already recognized as being "collector`s grade" but they are an exception to the rule, the majority of sealed games right now sell for less than their original price tag. Even the games considered to be the rarest sell for less than 500$ in sealed condition. There is a sealed Marvel VS Capcom 2 right now on ebay, the seller originally listed it for 500$ a month ago, now he relisted it at 295$ and it doesn`t even sell...

Its very hard to know exactly what the future holds for a playstation 2 collection. How much is a sealed PS1 collection  worth now?

In my blog I will share with you my journey to a complete PS2 collection, and I will try to post every day, or nearly every day. Feel free to comment and again, welcome to my blog.

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