Got a few new games today...

I was in Montreal with the family and decided to look around every Zellers store in the area to see if they had any PS2 games or accessories left. Well, I was surprised as one store still had the Guitar Hero Band Tour bundle for sale, in fact, they had 3 ! But that was too big for me, and the price tag was 199,99$ , which I think is a little high for that bundle.

They also had several Guitar Hero Aerosmith bundles at 49,99 but they were all discolored because of the strong lights...

They had a 50% sale going on and I managed to pick up a few items ; first I got the other two "Buzz" bundles that I didn`t have already : Buzz Jr. Robo Jam and Buzz the Hollywood Quiz. Then I also got a few cheap games, Hannah Montana Spotlight World Tour, Barbie Horse Adventure Riding Camp and Pipe Manis. I know I had made a commitement never to buy sports games, but those ended up costing me between 2 and 4$ each, so I picked `em up : MLB 08 The Show, Madden NFL08 and MLB 07 The Show.

These cheap common titles really seem to mark the end of the playstation 2 era in stores, I don`t really expect to find anything usefull outside of Ebay for my sealed PS2 collection anymore. I will look around tomorrow, and maybe visit one more store or two but this will be the last time I try to find new ps2 games in the wild.

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