Labor day, 2012

Tomorrow is labor day and I will have time to clean up my collection and update my lists. I also need to setup some extra storage space for my games cause the space I have been using so far is completely full.
I`m not really sure how many games I have now.

Since the Playstation 2 released nearly two thousand different titles, I will be setting smaller,medium-term objectives for myself in my attempt to build a complete Ps2 sealed games collection. At first I thought about trying to get all the games for a given letter of the alphabet. Like all the games beginning in "A". But after much think I concluded that this was counter-productive.

Since it will likely take me a long time to accumulate all titles, possibly a few years, it would be in my best interest to go for the older games first. The first ps2 game titles were released in 2000 so they are already 12 years old. I don`t believe they will available on ebay forever, at least, not at today`s prices.
So my medium-term strategy right now is to get a hold of all the games released in 2000. They all have y-folds and the white strip on top. In fact, I have determined by observation that all games originally released between year 2000 and april 2005  had, in fact, the white strip/ps2 hologram on top and Sony seems to have abandonned the white strip at about that time. If you find one of those games (those released between 2000-april 2005) with y-folds and no white strip then you would have a reprint. One popular example is Fatal Frame, which was originally released with the white strip but has been re-released later on whitout a white strip.

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