Look on the bright side...

     I was browsing this database of 2048 NTSC playstation 2 titles this morning and I was curious as to how many sports games there were in there. So I calculated them and came to this conservative estimate of 421 sports games, that is nearly 25% of the entire PS2 database. I think this number is an undervalue ; I left aside the titles I wasn`t 100% sure about and did not include most of the racing games. If I did, the estimate might be well over 500.

    But. just deducting 421 from 2048 gives me 1627 titles.

    Since I don`t really buy sports games, and believe they will always be cheap since nobody wants them, I will only be struggling for the 1627 titles, not for 2048.

    But there`s more, out of these 1627 there are an awfull lot of cheaps games, kids games, girls games, greatest hits versions (and a few variations of the same titles) - also the guitar hero and rock bands titles. 
Substract all of these low quality-cheap ps2 releases and you will be left with a more gentle number. 

    I haven`t really calculated that right now, but my belief if that that library of quality games on the PS2 might just be less than a thousand. Since I already own more than 300, then I am not very far from my long term objective by looking at it this way...

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