The RDI Halcyon : Rarest videogame console ever made

     This baby is the holy grail of video game collecting and for good reasons ; it is owned by only a handfull of known collectors around the world.
RDI Halcyon : Suggested retail price 2500$

     The RDI Halcyon was invented by the same guy who gave us Dragon`s Lair, Rick Dyer. It was meant to play games on laserdiscs, but the discs came with a cartridge so to play a game, you needed the laserdisc and the cartridge. Only two games were released with the console, Thayer`s Quest and NFL Football. 

    It is said that less than 75 consoles were ever produced (suggested retail price was 2500$, in 1985!), as RDI 
video systems went out of business right after the release.

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