Playstation 4 Press Release (February 20th)

     Sony has announced several weeks ago that there will be a press release February 20th about the upcoming Playstation 4. You can actually sign up to be "the first to know" on their website.

     Now, I can`t wait to hear about what they`re up to. To be honest, I am expecting bad news from both Microsoft and Sony, let me explain ; one rumour that has been circulating is that the games will come with a code (like PC games) meaning that the game you buy will become worthless once the code has been used. What?? They expect us to buy a game at full price and they will will not be able to resell it??. What about those, like me, who collect sealed games? Will the code still work 20 years from now?.

    This is completely ridiculous and please tell me it won`t be this way. If it is, then goodbuy Microsoft and Sony, I`m turning to Nintendo (I already own the Wii U and the gamepad is kinda cool, if you don`t believe me try Arkham City Armored Edition...). Its just a rumour for now, but should I be surprised? They are already selling downloadable games thru their own marketplace, games that become virtually worthless once you`ve paid for them, as you can`t resell them or give them away after you`ve played them. And people seem to buy that kind of crap, without realizing that they`re really flushing their money down the toilet! I tried convincing one of my friends to stop wating his money on the Xbox marketplace on downloadable games that he won`t be able to resell, and he doesn`t understand me.

     For them (Sony and Microsoft), its pretty convenient ; they will eliminate the middle man (Think about EB games/Gamestop for example) and will probably sell more new products by eliminating the used games market. But I think they are making a huge mistake because by doing the exact same thing as PC games makers what now will differentiate their consoles from PC`s ? After all, pretty much every household in North America has a PC now, why would consumers buy a 600$ piece of hardware if its going to do the same as their computer?

     I really hope this is just a rumour, and I look forward to that press release, although I believe that they will avoid the subject until the last minute (maybe they`ll wait until they`ve actually sold a few million consoles to bring us the bad news). If their games aren`t fully functionnal (and resellable), then they`re going to loose me for good. No way I`ll ever pay for a downloadable game or a anything that is restricted by a stupid code!

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